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About The Lens - Issue 25: The Principle of Manifesting Your Vision

Our Web Designer, Erin O'Kelley Muck, reads and comments on each issue of The Lens. Her feedback and keen eye is a gift to all of us.

A few thoughts on the essays in The Principle of Manifesting Your Vision...

Paul's story of being a senior in West Virginia and applying to Harvard is FABULOUS. I greatly admire that the initial rejection didn't deter him, but instead made him go for it. Perfect example!

Steve’s power of positive energy focused on healing his broken leg deserves applause. I know of people who have much lesser injuries and are sidetracked to a sad state of stewing in self pity. Steve's story is the opposite. My son recently broke his femur, and I told him about Steve’s story – he’s already doing daily affirmations!

Adam's essay brought tears to my eyes. The story of his mother, and her love, and her hardships, and what his father went through and how he withdrew... heart wrenching. And then how Adam re-approached the relationship and worked to find a way in... Beautiful.

I have a friend who just injured his arm and boy does he ever want to avoid surgery. I just sent him the link to the Selby's article. I am always entranced by what they have to say and one day, I hope to meet them in person.

I read Maybeth's essay and immediately began researching female visionaries. The ones I read about in childhood - Marie Curie, Elizabeth Fry, my Aunt Susan's flying pal Amelia Earhart - they were there - as were a tide of women from here-and-now with amazing stories and paths that are changing life for the better for many other people. So inspiring. Yes to visionaries, and yes to sidekicks!

I loved Christa's story about learning Spanish, especially her first lunch date with Spanish speakers - what a great idea!

And finally, with all the essays, I'm inspired to think about manifesting vision in my own life. I think being overly busy is a plague of these times. My day is fractured into a myriad of compartments - working, being a mom, tending to house, planning future events, feeding our 4 animals, preparing food, shuffling off to various events. And in all of it... where do I stop, breathe, and re-connect with my vision? Let alone focus on manifesting it. I love that these essays make me ask myself to check in and look at my life from the micro to the macro - am I on the path I wish to be on?

Delicious food for thought! Erin O'Kelley Muck, Ashland, Oregon

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